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The Advance of Democracy and Industrialisation
(1870 - 1914)

1870Franco-Prussian War begins
1870Bismarck's "Ems Telegram"
1870Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern accepts Span. throne but is forced to withdraw by the head of the House of Hohenzollern, King William I, following Fr. protest
1870Revolt in Paris and proclamation of the Third Republic
1871The Commune in Paris rules for two months
1873Thiers falls and MacMahon is elected French President
1884Berlin Conference of 14 nations on African affairs
1884Fr. Law excludes members of former dynasties from presidency
1887Union Indo-Chinoise organised by France
1889Eiffel Tower built
1891Franco-Russ. entente
1893Franco-Russ. alliance signed
1898The Dreyfus Affair - anti-semitic French army
1903Entente Cordiale established
1904Entente Cordiale: Britain and France settle their international differences
1905CharlesPathé colors black and white films by machine.
1907English and French agree on Siamese independence
1914World War I begins     GO !
19141 August - Belgian, German and French mobilisation begins
19141 August - Belgian, German and French mobilisation begins
19142 August - German troops invade Luxembourg, Poland and France
19143 August - Germany declares war on France
191410 August - France and Great Britain declare war on Austria
191426 August - Viviani becomes premier of France
19143 September - Paris placed in state of siege: Government transferred to Bordeaux
19145 November - Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey
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Daily Life

Boxer Rebellion
Antiforeign movement in China from 1898 to 1900, culminating in a desperate uprising against Westerners and Western influence
Dahomey War
Major conflict between France, led by General Alfred-Amédée Dodds, and the Kingdom of Dahomey under King Behanzin. The French emerged completely triumphant after they won at the Battle of Abomey and incorporated Dahomey into their growing colonial territory in West Africa.
Franco-Prussian War
War between France (under Napoleon III) and Prussia, in which Prussian troops advanced into France and decisively defeated the French at Sedan. The defeat marked the end of the French Second Empire.
The Franco-Siamese War
Conflict between France and the Kingdom of Siam. Fighting broke out in April 1893 and ended quickly after French naval forces blockaded Bangkok. The Siamese agreed to cede Laos to France, an act that led to the significant expansion of French Indochina.
The Mandingo Wars
Series of conflicts from 1883 to 1898 between France and the Mandinga kingdom of Samory Touré. The French were ultimately triumphant and established dominance over the Ivory Coast.
The Sino-French War
(Or Franco-Chinese War) War fought between the French Third Republic and Qing Empire that lasted from September 1884 to June 1885. Its underlying cause was the French desire for control of the Red River, which linked Hanoi to the resource-wealthy Yunnan province in China.
The Wadai War
War between France and the Ouaddai Kingdom, located in what today would be eastern Chad and central Sudan. The French annexed the kingdom and kept it as part of their empire until 1960.

Music     Gabriel Urbain Fauré
Claude Debussy
Erik Satie
Maurice Ravel
Emmanuel Chabrier
Léo Delibes
Charles-François Gounod
Camille Saint-Saëns
Jules Massenet
Vincent d'Indy
Art     Gustave Caillebotte
Sir Adolph William Bouguereau
Alexandre Cabanel
Paul Cézanne
Camille Corot
Gustave Courbet
Charles-François Daubigny
Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas
Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin
Jean Léon Gérôme
Edouard Manet
Ernest Meissonier
Jean-François Millet
Claude Monet
Berthe Morisot
Camille Pissarro
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Georges Seurat
Alfred Sisley
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Charles-Antoine Coypel
Georges Braque
Raoul Dufy
Henri Rousseau
Paul Signac
Marcel Duchamp
Henri Matisse
Auguste Rodin
Ignace Henri Theodore Fantin-Latour
Edouard Vuillard
André Derain
Maurice de Vlaminck
Eugène Boudin
Maurice Utrillo
Georges Rouault
Gustave Moreau
Gaspar-Felix Tournachon (Nadar)
Paul Durand-Ruel
Marie Rosalie Bonheur
Armand Guillaumin
Odilon Redon
Pierre Bonnard
Robert Delaunay
Maurice Denis
Honoré Daumier
Gustave Doré
Literature     Stephane Mallarme
Paul Verlaine
Emile Zola
Guillaume Apollinaire
Arthur Rimbaud
Victor Hugo
Gustave Flaubert
Jules Verne
History     Georges Eugène Benjamin Clemenceau
Louis Jules Trochu
Adolphe Thiers
Patrice Mac-Mahon, duc de Magenta
Jules Grévy
Marie François Sadi Carnot
Jean Casimir-Périer
François Félix Faure
Clément Armand Fallières
Pierre-Paul-Henri-Gaston Doumergue
Raymond Poincaré
Émile Loubet
Patrice Mac-Mahon, duc de Magenta
Philosophy     Hippolyte Adolphe Taine
Ernest Renan
Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy
Augustin Bonnetty
Maximilien Paul Émile Littre
Jean-Barthélemy Hauréau

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