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World War I
(1914 - 1918)

1914World War I begins     GO !
19141 August - Belgian, German and French mobilisation begins
19141 August - Belgian, German and French mobilisation begins
19142 August - German troops invade Luxembourg, Poland and France
19143 August - Germany declares war on France
191410 August - France and Great Britain declare war on Austria
191426 August - Viviani becomes premier of France
19143 September - Paris placed in state of siege: Government transferred to Bordeaux
19145 November - Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey
191526 April - France, Russia, Italy and Britain conclude secret Treaty of London
191517 October - France at war with Bulgaria
191529 October - Briand becomes premier of France, succeeding Viviani
191512 December - Aristide Briand forms French war government
191619 May - Britain and France conclude the Sykes-Picot Agreement
191710 January - Allies state war objectives in response to Wilson's peace note of 18 December
191719 March - Alexander Ribot becomes French premier, succeeding Briand
191723 March - Austrian Emperor Charles I makes a peace proposal to French President Poincare
191715 May - Petain becomes French Western Front Commander-in-Chief
191714 September - Paul Painleve becomes French premier, succeeding Ribot
191715 November - Georges Clemenceau becomes Premier of France, succeeding Painlove
191727 November - Supreme Allied War Council established at Versailles
191829 September - Bulgaria signs armistice
191830 October - Turkey signs an armistice with the Allies
19183 November - Austria signs an armistice
191811 November - Germany signs armistice, it goes into effect at 11 AM
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World War I
The war involving Great Britain, France, Russia and the U.S. etc. on one side and Germany, Austria-Hungary, etc. on the other.

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