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The Angevin Age
(1154 - 1399)

1154Stephen dies; Henry II, King of England; from now till 1485 the House of Plantagenet rules England    GO !
1155Pope Hadrian IV bestows Ireland on Henry II
1155Henry II abolishes fiscal earldoms and restores royal demesne
1163Quarrel starts between Henry II and Thomas Becket
1164Becket flees to France
1164Constitutions of Clarendon    GO !
1165Malcolm IV dies; succeeded by his brother William the Lion
1170Although Henry II and Becket formally reconciled, Becket returns to Canterbury and is murdered by four Norman knights
1172Queen Eleanor raises Aquitaine against Henry II
1172Reconciliation between Henry II and the Pope
1173Queen Eleanor imprisoned
1174Henry II does penance at Canterbury for murder of Becket
1177Treaty of Ivry between Henry II and Louis VII
1189King Henry II of England dies; succeeded by Richard I, Coeur-de-Lion    GO !
1189Third Crusade
1191Richard I conquers Cyprus and sells it to the Templars
1192Richard I returns from the Crusade and is captured by Leopold, Duke of Austria
1193Richard is handed over to Henry VI and imprisoned
1194Richard I is released and crowned for the second time
1199King Richard I, Coeur-de-Lion, killed at a siege in France; succeeded by King John (Lackland), the youngest son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine    GO !
1200Peace of Le Goulet between England and France
1204King John loses Normandy to France
1209King John invades Scotland and is excommunicated
1213Council of St. Albans, precursor of Parliament
1213King John of England submits to the Pope, making England and Ireland papal fiefs
1215King John seals Magna Carta at Runnymede    GO !
1216King John dies; succeeded by Henry III    GO !
1218Peace of Worcester between Henry III and Wales
1220Henry III crowned at Westminster
1224Anglo-French war
1225Magna Carta reissued for third time in definitive form
1227Henry III declares himself of age
1227Truce in Anglo-Fr. war
1240Dafydd ap Llywelyn, Prince of Snowdon
1240Crusade of Richard of Cornwall and Simon de Montfort to Jaffa
1240Border fixed between England and Scotland
1240Five-year truce between England and France
1257Llywelyn assumes the title Prince of Wales, and establishes peace between England and Wales
1258Establishment of House of Commons ("Provisions of Oxford")    GO !
1264Simon de Montfort defeats Henry III at the Battle of Lewes
1272Henry III of England dies; succeeded by Edward I    GO !
1274Edward I crowned at Westminster
1277England annexes Wales
1286Alexander III of Scotland dies; succeeded by his infant niece Margaret, "the Maid of Norway", under six guardians
1291Scottish nobles allow King Edward of England to select the next Scottish King and declare allegiance to the English crown
1292Scottish throne to John Baliol
1295Alliance between France and Scotland
1296John Baliol resigns Scot crown to Edward I
1296Scot. coronation stone moved from Scone to Westminster
1297William Wallace and the Scots defeat the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge
1298King Edward defeats William Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk, retaining his hold on Scotland
1300Edward I invades Scotland
1301Edward I's son made Prince of Wales
1302Anglo-Scot. truce
1305William Wallace is captured and executed for treason
1306Robert Bruce crowned King of Scots and defeated by the English at Methuen and Dalry
1307Edward I dies; succeeded by Edward II     GO !
1308Coronation of Edward II
1311English barons force King Edward II to appoint "lord ordainers", and slowly transfer power away from him     GO !
1314Robert Bruce defeats Edward II at Bannockburn
1316Edward Bruce crowned King of Ireland
1318Edward Bruce killed in Battle of Faughart
1323Edward II of England signs a truce with Robert the Bruce
1327Edward II, deposed by Parliament and murdered at Berkeley Castle, is succeed by Edward III
1329David II, King of Scots
1332Edward Baliol, crowned King of Scots, recognises Edward III of overlord
1332First record of Parliament divided into two houses
1337Beginning of the Hundred Years' War
1338Alliance of Coblenz between Louis IV and Edward III
1348Edward III founds the Order of the Garter
1359Treaty of London restores Fr. possessions once held by Henry II of England to Eng. crown
1360Treaty of Calais between Edward III and Philip of Burgundy
1366English Parliament refuses to pay feudal dues to the pope
1371Robert II, King of Scots: accession of the House of Stewart
1375Truce of Bruges between England and France
1376The Black Prince dies
1377Edward III dies; succeeded by his grandson Richard II     GO !
1378Renewal of Anglo-Fr. war
1381Anglo-Fr. truce for six years
1381Peasants' Revolt in England under Wat Tyler
1384Anglo-Scot. war renewed
1385Anglo-Fr. war renewed
1389Truce between England, Scotland, and France
1390Robert III, King of Scots
1395Irish rulers do homage to Richard II, receive amnesty
1396Richard II of England marries Isabella of France at Calais; Anglo-Fr. truce extended to 28 years
1399Richard II deposed: Henry of Lancaster, son of John of Gaunt, succeeds to the throne as Henry IV
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The Constitutions of Clarendon
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Magna Carta
(15 June 1215)
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(6 November 1217)
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(8 October 1285)
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(5 November 1297)
Edward II's Coronation Oath
Ordinances Of 1311
(5 October 1311)
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The Statute of Laborers
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Ordinance and Statute of Praemunire
Ordinance and Statute of the Staple
Statute of Uses
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First Baron's War
War (1263 - 1267) between King Henry III and his barons after Henry renounced the Provisions of Oxford (1258) and the Provisions of Westminster (1259), which had vested considerable power in a council of barons, and reasserted his right to appoint councilors.
First War of Scottish Independence
The First War of Scottish Independence lasted from the outbreak of the war in 1296 until the coronation of Robert the Bruce as King of Scots in 1306.
Hundred Year's War
The series of wars between England and France, 13371453, in which England lost all its possessions in France except Calais
Second Baron's War
The Second Barons' War (12641267) was a civil war in England between the forces of a number of rebellious barons lead by Simon de Montfort, against the Royalist forces led by Prince Edward (later Edward I of England).
Second War of Scottish Independence
After the death of Robert the Bruce, Edward III supported attempts to replace the boy-king David II with Edward Balliol

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