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Early 20th Century
(1900 - 1952)

1901Queen Victoria dies, succeeded by her son, Edward VII
1901Queen Victoria dies, succeeded by Edward (VII)
1902Boer War ends
1902Anglo-Japanese treaty recognises the independence of China and Korea
1903Entente Cordiale established
1904Entente Cordiale: Britain and France settle their international differences
1905Sinn Fein Party founded in Dublin
1907English and French agree on Siamese independence
1914World War I begins     GO !
19141 August - Belgian, German and French mobilisation begins
19144 August - Great Britain declares war on Germany
19144 August - Great Britain declares war on Germany
191410 August - France and Great Britain declare war on Austria
19145 November - Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey
191526 April - France, Russia, Italy and Britain conclude secret Treaty of London
191525 May - Asquith reorganizes his liberal ministry as a coalition
191515 October - Great Britain declares war on Bulgaria
19157 December - David Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister of Britain
191515 December - Haig becomes Commander-in-Chief of British Expeditionary Force
1916Easter Rebellion in Ireland put down by British troops
191624 April - Irish nationalists launch the Easter rebellion in Dublin, Republic declared and Patrick Pearse announced as first President
191630 April - Irish rebellion ends with unconditional surrender of Pearse and other leaders, who are tried by court-martial and executed
191619 May - Britain and France conclude the Sykes-Picot Agreement
19167 August - Persia forms an alliance with Britain and Russia
19165 December - Asquith resigns as Prime Minister; replaced by Lloyd George
19165 December - Asquith resigns as Prime Minister; replaced by Lloyd George
191710 January - Allies state war objectives in response to Wilson's peace note of 18 December
191719 June - King George V orders members of British royal family to dispense with German titles & surnames, they take the name Windsor
191727 November - Supreme Allied War Council established at Versailles
191829 September - Bulgaria signs armistice
191830 October - Turkey signs an armistice with the Allies
19183 November - Austria signs an armistice
191811 November - Germany signs armistice, it goes into effect at 11 AM
1919Versailles Treaty, incorporating Woodrow Wilson's draft Covenant of League of Nations, signed by Allies and Germany; rejected by U.S. Senate    GO !
1919Mahatma Gandhi initiates satyagraha (“truth force”) campaigns, beginning his nonviolent resistance movement against British rule in India
191928 June - Treaty of Versailles signed    GO !
1921Irish Free State proclaimed
1921Major treaties signed at Washington Disarmament Conference limit naval tonnage and pledge to respect territorial integrity of China
1923Ethiopia, Ireland are admitted to the League of Nations
1925Locarno conferences seek to secure European peace by mutual guarantees
1928Kellogg-Briand Pact, outlawing war, signed in Paris by 65 nations    GO !
1930Britain, U.S., Japan, France, and Italy sign naval disarmament treaty
1936King George V dies; succeeded by son, Edward VIII, who soon abdicates to marry an American-born divorcée, and is succeeded by brother, George VI
1938Munich Pact—Britain, France, and Italy agree to let Germany partition Czechoslovakia
1939Germany invades Poland; occupies Bohemia and Moravia; renounces pact with England and concludes 10-year non-aggression pact with U.S.S.R
1939World War II begins
193912 May - Turkey and Great Britain conclude a security pact
193925 August - Britain and Poland sign a Mutual Assistance Treaty.
193931 August - British army and navy mobilises
19392 September - Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Estonia and Ireland declare neutrality
19393 September - Britain, France, and Australia declare war on Germany
193919 October - Turkey signs a Treaty of Mutual Assistance with Britain and France
19413 September - Anglo-American Lend-Lease agreement     GO !
1940Churchill becomes Britain's prime minister
194010 June - Italy declares war on England and France
194028 June - Britain recognises Gen. Charles de Gaulle as the Free French leader
19407 September - Beginning of German Blitz on London
194112 July - British and Soviets Mutual Assistance agreement
194114 August - The Atlantic Charter signed between England and the United States    GO !
194118 December 8, 1941 - US and Britain declare war on Japan
19421 January - Allies forge Declaration of the United Nations     GO !
194212 August - Stalin and Churchill meet in Moscow
194314-24 January - Casablanca Conference: Churchill and Roosevelt meet, Stalin declines
194328 November - "Big Three" of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill meet at Tehran     GO !
1944Dumbarton Oaks Conference—U.S., British Commonwealth, and U.S.S.R. propose establishment of United Nations
19454-11 February - Yalta Conference (Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin) plans final defeat of Germany     GO !
19457 May - German armies give unconditional surrender    GO !
194516 July - The Potsdam Conference convenes with Truman, Stalin, and Churchill to establish the basis of German reconstruction     GO !
1947Marshall Plan for European recovery proposed—a coordinated program to help European nations recover from ravages of war    GO !
1947India and Pakistan gain independence from Britain
1948Burma (4 Jan.) and Ceylon (4 Feb.) granted independence by Britain
1949Start of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)—treaty signed by 12 nations    GO !
1952George VI dies; his daughter Princess Elizabeth becomes queen at age 25
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