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Hapsburg Spain
(1492 - 1700)

1492The Spanish conquer Granada and extinguish Moorish kingdom
1493Pope Alexander VI publishes bull Inter cetera divina dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal
1494Treaty of Tordesillas: Spain and Portugal divide New World between them    GO !
1503The Casa Contratacción (Colonial Office) founded in Madrid to deal with American affairs
1504Treaty of Lyons - divides Italy between France (north) and Spain (south)
1505Treaty of Salamanca - Ferdinand of Aragon understakes to rule Castile jointly with his daughter Juana and her husband Philip
1506Treaty of Windsor
1508The League of Cambrai formed by Margaret of Austria, the Cardinal of Rouen, and Ferdinand of Aragon for purpose of despoiling Venice
1509Pope Julius II joins League of Cambrai and excommunicates Venetian Republic; France declares war on Venice
1511Pope Julius II forms Holy League with Venice and Aragon to drive the French out of Italy
1513Treaty of Mechlin: Maximilian I, Henry VIII, the pope, and Ferdinand of Aragon agree to invade France
1516Aarchduke Charles succeeds as King of Spain on death of Ferdinand II
1518Peace of London between England, France, Emperor Maximilian I, the pope, and Spain
1519Emperor Maximilian I dies; Charles I of Spain becomes Holy Roman Emperor as Charles V
1519Hernando Cortes enters Tenochtitlan, capital of Mexico, and is received by Montezuma, the Aztec ruler
1521Hernando Cortes assumes control of Mexico after destruction of Aztec state
1522Spanish forces conquer Guatemala
1525Germans and Spanish defeat French and Swiss at Pavia: Charles V becomes master of Italy
1533Pizarro executes the Inca of Peru
1556Charles V abdicates, assigning Spain to his son Philip II, and the Holy Roman Empire to his brother Ferdinand I, and retires into the monastery of Yuste
1560Madrid becomes capital of Spain
1595Henry IV declares war on Spain
1597Second Span. Armada leaves for England; scattered by storms
1597Philip II opens peace talks with Henry IV
1598King Philip II of Spain dies; succeeded by Philip III
1604Peace between England and Spain
1609Twelve years truce between Spain and Holland
1621Philip III of Spain dies; succeeded by his son Philip IV
1621Twelve years truce between Holland and Spain ends; war resumed
1624England declares war on Spain
1626Treaty of Monzon between France and Spain confirms independence of the Grisons
1627Richelieu signs treaty with Spain
1635Peace of Prague signed between the Emperor Ferdinand II and the Elector John George of Saxony; Thirty Years' War is now a conflict between France and Sweden against the House of Hapsburg
1648Naples restored to Span. rule
1659Peace of the Pyrenees between France and Spain
1665Philip IV of Spain dies; succeeded by his son Charles II
1667Secret treaty between Louis XIV and Charles II against Spain
1668Treaty of Lisbon: Spain recognises independence of Portugal
1668Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle ends War of Devolution between France and Spain
1668Treaty between Louis XIV and Leopold I concerning future partition of Span. realms
1675King Charles II of Spain attains majority
1678Peace of Nijmegen between France and the Dutch and France and Spain
1683Spain declares war on France
1683League of The Hague: the Emperor Leopold I and Charles II of Spain join Dutch-Swed. alliance against France
1690Spain joins Great Alliance against France
1700King Charles II of Spain dies, setting the stage for the War of the Spanish Succession
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