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The Enlightenment - Bourbon Spain
(1700 - 1873)

1700King Charles II of Spain dies, setting the stage for the War of the Spanish Succession
1701War of Spanish Succession
17024 November - Queen Anne's War begins when the French and their Indian allies attack some New England settlements in the frontier    GO !
1703Archduke Charles proclaimed King of Spain in Madrid
1712Peace congress opens at Utrecht
171311 April - The Treaty of Utrecht ends Queen Anne's War
1718England declares war on Spain
1719France declares war on Spain
1724Philip V of Spain abdicates; his successor Luis I dies, Philip King again
1725Treaty of Vienna guarantees the Pragmatic Sanction
1729Treaty of Seville between France, Spain, and England
1731The infamous Rebecca Incident near Havanna Cuba sets the stage for the War of Jenkin's Ear
1731Treaty of Vienna between England, Holland, Spain, and the Holy Roman Emperor
1739War of Jenkins Ear begins
1740War of the Austrian Succession
1742Peace of Berlin ends First Silesian War
1744King George's War (ends 1748) American phase of the War of the Austrian Succession    GO !
1744Second Silesian War begins
1746Philip V of Spain dies; succeeded by Ferdinand VI
174818 October - Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ends King George's War, restoring the status quo ante in the colonies; general recognition of Pragmatic Sanction and of Francis I as Holy Roman Emperor
1752Treaty of Aranjuez between Spain and the Holy Roman Empire
1754The Seven Years (French and Indian) War unofficially begins
1759King Ferdinand VI of Spain dies; succeeded by Charles II
1763The Seven Years war ends with the Treaties of Paris and Hubertusburg    GO !
1776March/May France and Spain secretly provide support to American colonists through fictitious companies
1779Spain declares war on Britian
177921 June - Spain enters the American colonist's war against Great Britain
1780Rebellion in Peru against Spanish rule
1795Treaty of San Lorenzo between U.S. and Spain settles boundary with Florida
1796Spain declares war on Britain
1804Spain declares war on Britain
1808Joseph Bonaparte becomes king of Spain, Joachim Murat becomes King of Naples
1808Rebellion in Madrid: King Joseph flees; Napoleon takes city
1809Ecuador gains independence from Spain
1810Venezuela breaks away from Spain
1811Paraguay independent of Spain
1818Chile proclaims its independence
1819Florida purchased by U.S. from Spain
1820Revolution in Spain - King Ferdinand VII forced to restore Constitution of 1812
1821Peru proclaimed independent from Spain, followed by Guatemala, Panama, and Santo Domingo
1833Isabella II proclaimed Queen of Spain, with her mother Maria Christian as regent
1834Quadruple Alliance: Britain, France, Spain and Portugal
1834Carlist Wars begin in Spain
1843Military revolt in Spain drives General Espartero from power: Isabella II declared of age and Queen of Spain
1868Revolution in Spain; Queen Isabella II is deposed and flees to France
1870Bismarck's "Ems Telegram"
1870Isabella of Spain abdicates in favour of Alfonso XII
1870Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern accepts Span. throne but is forced to withdraw by the head of the House of Hohenzollern, King William I, following Fr. protest
1871William I, King of Prussia, proclaimed Ger. Emperor at Versailles, Peace of Frankfurt
1872Civil war in Spain - Carlists are defeated and Don Carlos escapes to France
1873Republic proclaimed in Spain
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