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The Republic
(-218 - 27)

-31Caesar Octavian defeats Cleopatra and Marc Antony (Battle of Actium); becomes Caesar Augustus, the first emperor
-44Julius Caesar assassinated on orders of the Senate
-44The Second Triumvirate of Marc Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian (Caesar Augustus) rule Rome
-45Julius Caesar defeats Pompey and becomes the first dictator of Rome
-58First Triumvirate composed of Pompey, Crassus, and Julius Caesar
-64Third Mithridatic War ends
-74Third Mithridatic War begins
-79Sulla returns power to the Senate
-81Second Mithridatic War ends
-82Civil war in Rome ends
-83Second Mithridatic War begins
-84First Mithridatic War ends
-88The "Social War" ends
-88First Mithridatic War begins
-88Sulla is the first Roman general to seize power
-88Civil war begins in Rome
-91The "Social War" begins
-132First Servile War ends
-133Tiberius, the first senator to advocate land reform, is assassinated by land-owners
-135First Servile War begins
-146End of Third Punic War and final defeat of Carthage
-148Fourth Macedonian War ends
-149Fourth Macedonian War begins
-149Third Punic War begins
-168Third Macedonian War ends
-171Third Macedonian War begins
-189Syrian War ends
-192Syrian War begins
-197Second Macedonian War ends
-200Second Macedonian War begins
-200Gauls invade northern Italy
-201Second Punic War ends
-205First Macedonian War ends
-215First Macedonian War begins
-218Second Punic War begins
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