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The Kingdom of Italy
(1861 - 1922)

1861The King of Naples surrenders, Italy proclaimed a kingdom by Parliament, with Victor Emmanuel II as king
1866Treaty of Vienna ends Austro-Ital. war
1878Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy dies; succeeded by his son Humbert I
1882Triple Alliance between Italy, Austria, and Germany
1884Berlin Conference of 14 nations on African affairs
1891Triple Alliance - Germany, Austria, Italy - renewed for 12 years
1892Giolitti becomes Premier of Italy
1900King Umberto I, king of Italy, assassinated; succeeded by his son, Victor Emmanuel III
1902Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria, and Italy renewed for another six years
1911Italy defeats Turks and annexes Tripoli and Libya
19144 August - Great Britain declares war on Germany
191526 April - France, Russia, Italy and Britain conclude secret Treaty of London
19154 May - Italy drops Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary & Germany
191523 May - Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary and Germany
191521 August - Italy declares war on Turkey
191519 October - Italy and Russia at war with Bulgaria
191627 August - Italy declares war on Germany
191710 January - Allies state war objectives in response to Wilson's peace note of 18 December
19178 November - Diaz succeeds Gen. Cadorna as Commander-in-Chief of Italian armies
191727 November - Supreme Allied War Council established at Versailles
191829 September - Bulgaria signs armistice
191830 October - Turkey signs an armistice with the Allies
19183 November - Austria signs an armistice
191811 November - Germany signs armistice, it goes into effect at 11 AM
1919Versailles Treaty, incorporating Woodrow Wilson's draft Covenant of League of Nations, signed by Allies and Germany; rejected by U.S. Senate    GO !
191923 April - Wilson appeals directly to Italians in an effort to gain their support for his views on peace settlement
191924 April - Italian Premier Orlando walks out of peace conference over Fiume issue
191928 June - Treaty of Versailles signed    GO !
191924 August - Italian Premier Orlando walks out of peace conference over Fiume issue
1921Major treaties signed at Washington Disarmament Conference limit naval tonnage and pledge to respect territorial integrity of China
1922Mussolini marches on Rome
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