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Early Middle Ages
(500 - 1050)

553Old Roman Empire is reunited by Justinian
568The Lombards invade Italy - Italy is divided into three regions ruled by the Lombards, the Eastern Roman Empire, and the Papal States
572Lombards invade, Byzantine rule collapses
756Pepin the Short conquers the Lombards for the Pope
756Papal States established in central Italy
774Charlemagne defeats the Lombards
962Otto the Great (king of Germany) is crowned emperor - establishing the Holy Roman Empire
1004King Henry's first Ital. campaign: he defeats Ardoin and is crowned King of Lombardy at Pavia
1004Arabs sack Pisa
1015Arabs conquer Sardinia
1020Pisa annexes Corsica
1022The Emperor Henry II defeats the Greeks in southern Italy
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Daily Life


Religion     Maurus, Saint
Boniface VI, Pope
John XVII, Pope
John XVIII, Pope
Sergius IV, Pope
Benedict VIII, Pope
John XIX, Pope
St. Symmachus, Pope
St. Hormisdas, Pope
St. John I, Pope
St. Felix IV (III), Pope
John II, Pope
St. Agapetus I, Pope
St. Silverius, Pope
Vigilius, Pope
Pelagius I, Pope
John III, Pope
Benedict I, Pope
Pelagius II, Pope
Sabinianus, Pope
Boniface III, Pope
St. Adeodatus I, Pope
Boniface V, Pope
Honorius I, Pope
Severinus, Pope
St. Martin I, Pope
St. Eugene I, Pope
St. Vitalian, Pope
Adeodatus (II), Pope
Donus, Pope
St. Agatho, Pope
St. Leo II, Pope
St. Benedict II, Pope
John V, Pope
Conon, Pope
St. Sergius I, Pope
St. Gregory II, Pope
St. Zachary, Pope
Stephen II, Pope
Stephen III, Pope
St. Paul I, Pope
Stephen IV, Pope
Adrian II, Pope
Adrian I, Pope
St. Leo III, Pope
St. Paschal I, Pope
Eugene II, Pope
Valentine, Pope
Gregory IV, Pope
Sergius II, Pope
Benedict III, Pope
John VIII, Pope
Marinus I, Pope
St. Adrian III, Pope
Stephen VII, Pope
John IX, Pope
Benedict IV, Pope
Leo V, Pope
Sergius III, Pope
Anastasius III, Pope
Lando, Pope
John X, Pope
Leo VI, Pope
John XI, Pope
Leo VII, Pope
Marinus II, Pope
Agapetus II, Pope
Leo VIII, Pope
Benedict V, Pope
John XIII, Pope
Benedict VI, Pope
Benedict VII, Pope
John XIV, Pope
John XV, Pope
Sylvester III, Pope
Stephen VIII, Pope
Benedict IX, Pope
St. Gregory I (the Great), Pope
St. Boniface IV, Pope
St. Leo IV, Pope
Formosus, Pope
St. Nicholas I, Pope
John XII, Pope
Placidus, Saint
Philosophy     Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus

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