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Revolutionary Era
(1765 - 1782)

1765British Parliament passes Stamp Act for taxing American colonies    GO !
1765Colonists resist Stamp Act    GO !
1766Repeal of Stamp Act, but Declaratory Act states Britain's right to tax American colonies    GO !
1766Tenant rent war in New York
1767Townshend Duties: taxes on imports of tea, glass, paper, and dyestuffs in American colonies; non-importation agreement at public protest meeting in Boston    GO !
1768British troops occupy Boston
1770Townshend duties repealed (except on tea)
1771North Carolina Regulators defeated
1772Boston Assembly demands rights of colonies, threatens secession
1772Gaspee incident in Rhode Island
1774Dunmore's War
1774First Continental Congress meets    GO !
1774"Intolerable Acts"
1775Olive Branch Petition sent to King George III
1775American Revolution begins    GO !
1775Lord Dunmore's proclamation to slaves and servants in Virginia
1775Iroquois Six Nations pledge neutrality
1775Continental Congress urges "states" to establish new governments
177510 May - Second Continental Congress meets
1776Common Sense published    GO !
1776British evacuate Boston and seize New York City
1776Eight states draft constitutions
1776Cherokee raids and American retaliation
1776March/May France and Spain secretly provide support to American colonists through fictitious companies
17764 July - Second Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence    GO !
177609 October - Mission of San Francisco de Asis is founded (San Francisco)
1778American colonies sign treaties with France and Holland    GO !
1779Massachusetts state constitutional convention
1779Sullivan destroys Iroquois villages in New York
1780Massachusetts constitution ratified
1780Destruction of Iroquois Confederacy
1781Articles of Confederation ratified by states    GO !
1782Bank of North America established in Philadelphia
178230 November - Americans and British sign a Provisional peace treaty in Paris    GO !
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Stamp Act
Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress
(19 October 1765)
The Declaratory Act
(18 March 1766)
Townshend's Revenue Act
Massachusetts Circular Letter to the Colonial Legislatures
(11 February 1768)
Boston Port Act
(31 March 1774)
Massachusetts Government Act
(20 May 1774)
Administration of Justice Act
(20 May 1774)
Quartering Act
(2 June 1774)
Fairfax County Resolves
(18 July 1774)
Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress
(14 October 1774)
The Articles of Association
(20 October 1774)
The Charlotte Town Resolves:
(31 May 1775)
Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of taking up Arms
(6 July 1775)
The Olive Branch Petition
(8 July 1775)
Proclamation of Rebellion
(23 August 1775)
The Virginia Declaration Of Rights
Common Sense
(14 February 1776)
The Declaration of Independence
(4 July 1776)
Treaty of Alliance Between The United States and France, 1778
(6 February 1778)
Articles of Confederation
(9 July 1778)
An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery.
(1 March 1780)
Articles of Capitulation, Yorktown
(19 October 1781)
Treaty of Paris, 1783
(3 September 1783)
Constitution of the United States
(17 September 1787)
Bill of Rights
(25 September 1789)

American Revolution
The American revolution against British rule

Art     Gilbert Stuart
Benjamin West
John Singleton Copley
Gilbert Stuart
John Trumbull
Charles Willson Peale
History     George Washington
John Adams
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
John Jay
John Adams
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
Samuel Adams
Benedict Arnold
Paul Revere
Patrick Henry
John Dickinson
Richard Henry Lee
Gouverneur Morris
James Wilson
Elbridge Gerry
Roger Sherman
George Mason
George III
Lord John Murray Dunmore
Religion     Clement XIII, Pope
Clement XIV, Pope
Pius VI, Pope
Pius VI, Pope
Philosophy     Thomas Paine

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