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Thomas Carlyle
Past and Present

Appreciation by Ralph Waldo Emerson

First published 1843

THOMAS CARLYLE, born in 1795 at Ecclefechan, the son of a stonemason. Educated at Edinburgh University. Schoolmaster for a short time, but decided on a literary career, visiting Paris and London. Retired in 1828 to Dumfriesshire to write. In 1834 moved to Cheyne Row, Chelsea, and died there in 1881.


Book I--Proem
Chapter I - Midas
Chapter II - The Sphinx
Chapter III - Manchester Insurrection
Chapter IV - Morrison's Pill
Chapter V - Aristocracy of Talent
Chapter VI - Hero-Worship

Book II--The Ancient Monk
Chapter I - Jocelin of Brakelond
Chapter II - St. Edmundsbury
Chapter III - Landlord Edmund
Chapter IV - Abbot Hugo
Chapter V - Twelfth Century
Chapter VI - Monk Samson
Chapter VII - The Canvassing
Chapter VIII - The Election
Chapter IX - Abbot Samson
Chapter X - Government
Chapter XI - The Abbot's Ways
Chapter XII - The Abbot's Troubles
Chapter XIII - In Parliament
Chapter XIV - Henry of Essex
Chapter XV - Practical--Devotional
Chapter XVI - St. Edmund
Chapter XVII - The Beginnings

Book III--The Modern Worker
Chapter I - Phenomena
Chapter II - Gospel of Mammonism
Chapter III - Gospel of Dilettantism
Chapter IV - Happy
Chapter V - The English
Chapter VI - Two Centuries
Chapter VII - Over-Production
Chapter VIII - Unworking Aristocracy
Chapter IX - Working Aristocracy
Chapter X - Plugson of Undershot
Chapter XI - Labour
Chapter XII - Reward
Chapter XIII - Democracy
Chapter XIV - Sir Jabesh Windbag
Chapter XV - Morrison Again

Book IV--Horoscope
Chapter I - Aristocracies
Chapter II - Bribery Committee
Chapter III - The One Institution
Chapter IV - Captains of Industry
Chapter V - Permanence
Chapter VI - The Landed
Chapter VII - The Gifted
Chapter VIII - The Didactic

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