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William H. Prescott
Suggested Reading

Biographical And Critical Miscellanies
(William H. Prescott)
A collection of Prescott's most important essays on literary history, including an essay on Cervantes and Italian narrative poetry; analyses of the works of his friends, including George Ticknor and George Bancroft; and a brief "Life of Charles Brockden Brown."

History of the Conquest of Mexico
(William H. Prescott)
A dramatic and well-documented narrative history describing the Aztec civilization and its conquest by Cortez. Prescott's most popular work, it suggests that the fall of the Aztecs resulted from their oppression of other cultures. Its portrayal of Mexicans in 1519 as backward and barbarous was picked up by newspapers and pamphlets to describe the Mexicans during the Mexican War.

History of the Conquest of Peru
(William H. Prescott)
A narrative history of Pizarro's invasion of Peru, which Prescott had written after the success of The Conquest of Mexico (1843). The work covers Inca culture, the conquests, civil wars between the conquerors, and the discovery and settlement of the country. It remains a standard authority.

History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic
(William H. Prescott)
History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic. The Massachusetts historian's first published work is an engaging account of a celebrated era in Spanish history.

Life of William Hickling Prescott
(George Ticknor)


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