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Mark Twain
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Chapter I - Camelot
Chapter II - King Arthur's Court
Chapter III - Knights of the Table Round
Chapter IV - Sir Dinadan the Humorist
Chapter V - An Inspiration
Chapter VI - An Inspiration
Chapter VII - Merlin's Tower
Chapter VIII - The Boss
Chapter IX - The Tournament
Chapter X - Beginnings of Civilization
Chapter XI - The Yankee in Search of Adventures
Chapter XII - Slow Torture
Chapter XIII - Freemen
Chapter XIV - "Defend Thee, Lord"
Chapter XV - Sandy's Tale
Chapter XVI - Morgan Le Fay
Chapter XVII - A Royal Banquet
Chapter XVIII - In The Queen's Dungeons
Chapter XIX - Knight-Errantry as a Trade
Chapter XX - The Ogre's Castle
Chapter XXI - The Pilgrims
Chapter XXII - The Holy Fountain
Chapter XXIII - Restoration of the Fountain
Chapter XXIV - A Rival Magician
Chapter XXV - A Competitive Examination
Chapter XXVI - The First Newspaper
Chapter XXVII - The Yankee and the King Travel Incognito
Chapter XXVIII - Drilling the King
Chapter XXIX - The Smallpox Hut
Chapter XXX - The Tragedy of the Manor-House
Chapter XXXI - Marco
Chapter XXXII - Dowley's Humiliation
Chapter XXXIII- Sixth Century Political Economy
Chapter XXXIV - The Yankee and the King Sold as Slaves
Chapter XXXV - A Pitiful Incident
Chapter XXXVI - An Encounter in the Dark
Chapter XXXVII - An Awful Predicament
Chapter XXXVIII - Sir Launcelot and Knights to the Rescue
Chapter XXXIX - The Yankee's Fight With the Knights
Chapter XL - Three Years Later
Chapter XLI - The Interdict
Chapter XLII - War!
Chapter XLIII - The Battle of the Sand Belt
Chapter XLIV - A Postscript by Clarence

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