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Mark Twain
A Tramp Abroad

First published in 1880

Chapter I: The Knighted Knave of Bergen
Chapter II: Heidelberg
Chapter III: Baker's Bluejay Yarn
Chapter IV: Student Life
Chapter V: At the Students' Dueling-Ground
Chapter VI: A Sport that Sometimes Kills
Chapter VII: How Bismark Fought
Chapter VIII: The Great French Duel
Chapter IX: What the Beautiful Maiden Said
Chapter X: How Wagner Operas Bang Along
Chapter XI: I Paint a "Turner"
Chapter XII: What the Wives Saved
Chapter XIII: My Long Crawl in the Dark
Chapter XIV: Rafting Down the Neckar
Chapter XV: Down the River
Chapter XVI: An Ancient Legend of the Rhine
Chapter XVII: Why Germans Wear Spectacles
Chapter XVIII: The Kindly Courtesy of Germans
Chapter XIX: The Deadly Jest of Dilsberg
Chapter XX: My Precious, Priceless Tear-Jug
Chapter XXI: Insolent Shopkeepers and Gabbling Americans
Chapter XXII: The Black Forest and Its Treasures
Chapter XXIII: Nicodemus Dodge and the Skeleton
Chapter XXIV: I Protect the Empress of Germany
Chapter XXV: Hunted by the Little Chamois
Chapter XXVI: The Nest of the Cuckoo-clock
Chapter XXVII: I Spare an Awful Bore
Chapter XXVIII: The Jodel and Its Native Wilds
Chapter XXIX: Looking West for Sunrise
Chapter XXX: Harris Climbs Mountains for Me
Chapter XXXI: Alp-scaling by Carriage
Chapter XXXII: The Jungfrau, the Bride, and the Piano
Chapter XXXIII: We Climb Far--by Buggy
Chapter XXXIV: The World's Highest Pig Farm
Chapter XXXV: Swindling the Coroner
Chapter XXXVI: The Fiendish Fun of Alp-climbing
Chapter XXXVII: Our Imposing Column Starts Upward
Chapter XXXVIII: I Conquer the Gorner Grat
Chapter XXXIX: We Travel by Glacier
Chapter XL: Piteous Relics at Chamonix
Chapter XLI: The Fearful Disaster of 1865
Chapter XLII: Chillon has a Nice, Roomy Dungeon
Chapter XLIII: My Poor Sick Friend Disappointed
Chapter XLIV: I Scale Mont Blanc--by Telescope
Chapter XLV: A Catastrophe Which Cost Eleven Lives
Chapter XLVI: Meeting a Hog on a Precipice
Chapter XLVII: Queer European Manners
Chapter XLVIII: Beauty of Women--and of Old Masters
Chapter XLIX: Hanged with a Golden Rope
Chapter L: Titian Bad and Titian Good
APPENDIX A: The Portier
APPENDIX B: Heidelberg Castle
APPENDIX C: The College Prison
APPENDIX D: The Awful German Language
APPENDIX E: Legend of the Castles
APPENDIX F: German Journals

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