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William Wordsworth
Yarrow Revisited, and Other Poems

Poems composed during a tour in Scotland, and on the English border, in the autumn of 1831.
Yarrow Revisited

On the Departure of Sir Walter Scott from Abbotsford, for Naples
A Place of Burial in the South of Scotland
On the Sight of a Manse in the South of Scotland,
Composed in Roslin Chapel during a Storm
The Trosachs
"The Pibroch's note, discountenanced or mute;"
Composed in the Glen of Loch Etive
Eagles. Composed at Dunollie Castle in the Bay of Oban
In the Sound of Mull
At Tyndrum
The Earl of Breadalbane's Ruined Mansion,
Rest and be Thankful, at the Head of Glencroe
Highland Hut
The Brownie
To the Planet Venus, an Evening Star
Bothwell Castle
Picture of Daniel in the Lions' Den, at Hamilton Palace
The Avon (a feeder of the Annan)
Suggested by a View from an Eminence in Inglewood Forest
Hart's-horn Tree, near Penrith
Countess's Pillar
Roman Antiquities. (From the Roman Station at Old Penrith)
Apology for the foregoing Poems
The Highland Broach
The Egyptian Maid; or The Romance of the Water Lily
Ode Composed On A May Morning
To May
Elegiac Musings
Written in an Album
Incident at Brugès
A Jewish Family
Devotional Incitements
The Armenian Lady's Love
The Primrose of the Rock
The Poet and the Caged Turtledove

"Chatsworth! thy stately mansion, and the pride"
"Desponding Father! mark this altered bough,"
Roman Antiquities Discovered, at Bishopstone, Herefordshire
St. Catherine of Ledbury
The Russian Fugitive
"Why art thou silent! Is thy love a plant"
"Four fiery steeds impatient of the rein"
To the Author's Portrait
Gold and Silver Fishes in a Vase

Evening Voluntaries
"Calm is the fragrant air, and loth to lose"
"Not in the lucid intervals of life"
By the Side of Rydal Mere
"Soft as a cloud is yon blue Ridge--the Mere"
"The leaves that rustled on this oak-crowned hill,"
"The Sun, that seemed so mildly to retire,"
"The sun is couched, the sea-fowl gone to rest,"
"The sun has long been set,"
"Throned in the Sun's descending car"
The Labourer's Noon-day Hymn
A Wren's Nest

Sonnets, 1833, composed during a Tour
"Adieu, Rydalian Laurels! that have grown"
"Why should the Enthusiast, journeying through this Isle,"
"They called Thee merry England, in old time;"
To the River Greta, near Keswick
To the River Derwent
In Sight of the Town of Cockermouth,
Address from the Spirit of Cockermouth Castle
Nun's Well, Brigham
To a Friend (On the Banks of the Derwent)
Mary Queen of Scots,
In the Channel, between the coast of Cumberland and the Isle of Man
At Sea off the Isle of Man
"Desire we past illusions to recall?"
On entering Douglas Bay, Isle of Man
By the Seashore, Isle of Man
Isle of Man
The Retired Marine Officer, Isle of Man
By a Retired Mariner, (A Friend of the Author)
At Bala-Sala, Isle of Man
Tynwald Hill
"Despond who will--I heard a voice exclaim,"
In the Frith of Clyde, Ailsa Crag. (July 17, 1833.)
On the Frith of Clyde. (In a Steamboat)
On revisiting Dunolly Castle
The Dunolly Eagle
Cave of Staffa
Cave of Staffa.
Cave of Staffa.
Flowers on the Top of the Pillars at the Entrance of the Cave
Iona (Upon Landing)
The Black Stones of Iona
"Homeward we turn. Isle of Columba's Cell,"
"'There!' said a Stripling, pointing with meet pride"
Fancy and Tradition
The River Eden, Cumberland
Monument of Mrs. Howard
"Tranquillity! the sovereign aim wert thou"
Steamboats, Viaducts, and Railways
"Lowther! in thy majestic Pile are seen"
To the Earl of Lonsdale
To Cordelia M--, Hallsteads, Ullswater
Written in the Album of the Countess of --, Nov. 5, 1834
The Somnambulist
To ---, Upon the birth of her First-born Child, March 1833
The Warning, A Sequel to the Foregoing.
"If this great world of joy and pain"
Sonnet, composed after reading a Newspaper of the Day
Loving and Liking
St. Bees, suggested in a Steam-boat off St. Bees' Head

"Deplorable his lot who tills the ground,"
The Vaudois
"Praised be the Rivers, from their mountain-springs"
The Redbreast. (Suggested in a Westmoreland Cottage)
To --
Rural Illusions
"This Lawn, a carpet all alive"
Thought on the Seasons
Lines Suggested by a Portrait from the Pencil of F. Stone
The Foregoing Subject Resumed
On the Power of Sound

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