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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Suggested Reading

"That willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which constitutes poetic faith."

1798 : The Year of the Lyrical Ballads (Romanticism in Perspective)
(Richard Cronin (Editor) )
Called the year of the LYRICAL BALLADS, 1798 is significant for its explosion of literary culture. It was a year in which Wordsworth and Coleridge vied for attention with many other writers. The chapters in this book work together todefine a single historical moment that marked the beginning of romanticism in England.

Coleridge and Wordsworth : The Crucible of Friendship
(Tom Mayberry, Richard Holmes )
Mayberry reveals the story of one of the most remarkable friendships in English literature. The years during which Coleridge and Wordsworth lived and worked were an extraordinary period for both poets. This fascinating text explores these crucial years, when both men wrote some ofthe most enduring poetry in the English language, culminating in 1797-8 with poems such as "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and "Tintern Abbey." originally published by Sutton Publishing in 1992, this re-issue will be a welcome addition to lovers of poetry , literature, and England.

The Complete Poems
(Samuel Taylor Coleridge; William Keach, Editor)

The Gang: Coleridge, the Hutchinsons, and the Wordsworths in 1802
(John Worthen )
Over a dramatic six-month period in 1802, William Wordsworth, S.T. Coleridge, Wordsworth's sister Dorothy, and the two Hutchinson sisters Sara and Mary formed a close-knit group whose members saw or wrote to one another constantly. Coleridge, whose marriage was collapsing, was in love with Sara, and Wordsworth was about to be married to Mary, who would be moving in beside Dorothy in their Grasmere cottage. Throughout this extraordinary period both poets worked on some of their finest and most familiar poems, Coleridge's Dejection: An Ode and Wordsworth's Immortality Ode. In this fascinating book, John Worthen recreates the group's intertwined lives and the effect they had on one another.

Drawing on the group's surviving letters, and poems, as well as Dorothy's diaries, Worthen throws new light on many old problems. He examines the prehistory of the events of 1802, the dynamics of the group between March and July, the summer of 1802, when Wordsworth and Dorothy visited Calais to see his ex-mistress and his daughter Caroline, and the wedding between Wordsworth and Mary in October of that year. In an epilogue he looks forward to the ways in which relationships changed during 1803, concentrating on a single day—11 January 1803—in the lives of the group.

The Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge : A Critical Biography
(Rosemary Ashton; Claude Rawson, editor)
Author Rosemary Ashton examines the many facets of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's complex personality, from poet, critic, and thinker to feckless husband and guilt-ridden opium addict. She places Coleridge's reputation within the context of both British and German Romanticism and shows how the celebrated author became a luminary of immense importance.


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