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Matthew Arnold
Suggested Reading

"Truth sits upon the lips of dying men."
- 'Sohrab and Rustum,' 1853

Culture and Anarchy and Other Writings
(Matthew Arnold and Stefan Collini, Editor )
(Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thoughts) This edition establishes the authoritative text of one of the most celebrated works of social criticism written. It also includes a chronology of Arnold's life, a bibliographical guide and full notes on the names and historical events mentioned in the texts.

Letters Of Matthew Arnold 1848-1888
(Matthew Arnold )
(2 Volumes) In this penultimate volume of the Virginia edition of Matthew Arnold's letters, we see Arnold at his best. This period saw publication of Mixed Essays, Irish Essays, and Discourses in America as well as of several essays gathered later in Essays in Criticism, Second Series. The Poems of Wordsworth and The Poetry of Byron appeared, as did the controversial essay "The Study of Poetry," with its notorious and very readable touchstone theory.

Selected Poems
( Matthew Arnold and E. K. Brown, editor )
(Crofts Classics) This thoughtful little volume features the full range of Arnold's poetry, including "Shakespeare," "Sohrab and Rustum," "Isolation," "To Marguerite," "To Marguerite--Continued," "Dover Beach," "The Future," "Thyrsis," and "Rugby Chapel." Edited by E. K. Brown, this selection is well supported by Arnold's preface to Poems (1853), an introduction, a list of principal dates in Arnold's life, and a bibliography.

The Note-books of Mathew Arnold
(Matthew Arnold )
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