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Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Suggested Reading

Alfred Lord Tennyson
(Alfred Tennyson, Baron Tennyson, Harold Bloom (Editor) )
(Bloom's Major Poets : Comprehensive Research and Study Guide)

Alfred Lord Tennyson : A Memoir by His Son
(Hallam T. Tennyson )
A thoughtful and reflective memoir of the quintessential Victorian poet and longtime Poet Laureate, written by his beloved son Hallam T. Tennyson. With the revival of interest in Tennyson's poetry, this portrait remains both timely and informative.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson
(Michael Thorn )
Michael Thorn's massive biography of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, was published in 1993, and has by now quietly but firmly taken its place as the standard life. Now, in this masterly essay-which draws upon all the resources of his biography-he introduces the Victorian poet as he ought to be introduced. Not as a typical Victorian bard or as a model of Freudian vicissitudes haunted by forbidden desires, but as a highly capable and deeply interesting and gifted poet. Gone are all the clichs and wrongly received ideas, such as that Tennyson was an exceptionally stupid man; in their place is a full and appreciative portrait, presenting Tennyson as weak when he was weak, but as unexpectedly strong in some poems that many contemporary readers might otherwise pass by. Thorn shows, too, that Tennyson remained creative right until the end of his long life.

Idylls of the King and a Selection of Poems
(Alfred Lord Tennyson)

The Letters of Alfred Lord Tennyson
(Alfred Tennyson, Baron Tennyson, Edgar Finley Shannon (Editor), Cecil Y. Lang (Editor) )


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