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Robert Burns
Suggested Reading

Burns: Poems and Songs
(Robert Burns, James Kinsley (Editor) )
This edition offers to the student and general reader a complete and authoritative text of all Burns's acknowledged work, and of poems reasonably attributed to him, based on a critical review of all the accessible manuscripts and early printings. The identifiable airs for the songs are included in the 18th-century form, and there is a Glossary, a Chronology, and a Bibliography.

Dirt & Deity: Life of Robert Burns
(Ian McIntyre )
This biography illuminates and explores the complexities and contradictions of Burns's character and personality, untangling the myth from the legend. Based on new evidence from 700 letters Burns wrote during his life, McIntyre concentrates on the circumstances of the writing of poetry itself, and paints a vivid picture of Burns's emotional and impulsive political views, the cruelty and gentleness of which he was capable, stressing the importance and the quality of the satirical poetry as well as the unforgettable love poetry immediately associated with his name.

The Canongate Burns
(Robert Burns, Andrew Noble (Introduction), Patrick Scott Hogg (Introduction) )
Drawing on extensive scholarship and the poet's own inimitable letters, this edition offers a wealth of information on Burns's life, the hardships of his early days, his political beliefs, his hatred of injustice, and his fate as a writer too often sentimentalized by biographers and critics. Through his poetry, and as if for the first time, we see Burns as a radical figure in a British as well as a Scottish context, the peer of Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, and Byron in the revolutionary and repressive world of the 1790s. Containing recently attributed and never-before-published poems demonstrating that the poet's political sympathies were more radical than he could safely put his name to in public, The Canongate Burns also includes the sexually scandalous verses known as "The Merry Muses," originally circulated only in handwritten copies. This major and definitive edition offers vitally fresh insights into the irreverent spirit and the democratic convictions of Scotland's greatest poet.

Understanding Robert Burns: Verse, Explanation and Glossary
(Robert Burns, George Scott Wilkie, James Cosmo)
The poems of Robert Burns are known throughout the world, but are rarely understood. For too long lovers of his poetry and songs have struggled with the meaning of many of the bard's words. Following the success of George Wilkie's Select Works of Robert Burns, this expanded volume of Burns's poetry, with 138 poems, captures the same ethos as the original. Opposite every stanza of each poem the meaning of what Burns has written is printed along with a helpful glossary to enable to reader to gain an immediate understanding. No delving into notes at the end of the book is necessary. This is a major development in access to the works of Burns and is the only book on his works that allows the reader such immediate access to the poems's meaning.


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