- Children of the Night : A Book of Poems (For a Book by Thomas Hardy) by Edwin A Robinson
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Children of the Night : A Book of Poems
For a Book by Thomas Hardy

by Edwin A Robinson

With searching feet, through dark circuitous ways,
I plunged and stumbled; round me, far and near,
Quaint hordes of eyeless phantoms did appear,
Twisting and turning in a bootless chase, --
When, like an exile given by God's grace
To feel once more a human atmosphere,
I caught the world's first murmur, large and clear,
Flung from a singing river's endless race.

Then through a magic twilight from below,
I heard its grand sad song as in a dream
Life's wild infinity of mirth and woe
It sang me; and, with many a changing gleam,
Across the music of its onward flow
I saw the cottage lights of Wessex beam.

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