- Songs and Sonnets (The Legacie) by John Donne
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Songs and Sonnets
The Legacie

by John Donne

When I dyed last, and, Deare, I dye 
As often as from thee I goe, 
Though it be but an houre agoe, 
And Lovers houres be full eternity, 
I can remember yet, that I 
Something did say, and something did bestow; 
Though I be dead, which sent mee, I should be 
Mine owne executor and Legacie. 

I heard mee say, Tell her anon, 
That my selfe, that's you, not I, 
Did kill me, and when I felt mee dye, 
I bid mee send my heart, when I was gone, 
But I alas could there finde none, 
When I had ripp'd me, 'and search'd where hearts did lye, 
It kill'd mee againe, that I who still was true, 
In life, in my last Will should cozen you. 

Yet I found something like a heart, 
But colours it, and corners had, 
It was not good, it was not bad, 
It was intire to none, and few had part. 
As good as could be made by art 
It seem'd, and therefore for our losses sad, 
I meant to send this heart in stead of mine, 
But oh, no man could hold it, for twas thine.

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