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John Keats
According To...

"Who killed John Keats?
'I,' says the Quarterly,
So savage and Tartarly;
''Twas one of my feats.'

Who shot the arrow?
'The poet-priest Milman
(So ready to kill man),
Or Southey or Barrow.' "
- George Gordon, Lord Byron Poem "John Keats"
"As it is often the case with other inhabitants of great cities, Keats described nature as she appeared to his fancies, and not as he would have described her, had he witnessed the things he described."
- John Clare On Keats
"And there I cannot follow him... behind every rose bush he looks for a Venus, and under every laurel a thrumming Appollo."
- John Clare Regarding Keats' frequent allusions to Greek mythology
"Shall I glutton here with Keats?
Shall I drink with Shelley? "
- Robert Graves from the poem "Sorley's Weather"
"Stand forth,John Keats! On earth thou knew'st me not;
Steadfast through all the storms of passion,thou..."
- ee cummings poem "Fame Speaks"
"Rhymes I will make
Like Keats and Blake
And Christina Rossetti,
With run and ripple and shake. "
- Robert Graves from the poem "Free Verse"