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Rupert Brooke
According To...

"That, in so many words brings back his living remembrance. . . . With him there was a happy shining impression that he might have just come -- that very moment -- from another planet, one well within the solar system, but a little more like Utopia than ours."
- Walter de la Mare On Brooke's description of Quebec as having "the radiance and repose of an immortal."
"Ulysses himself at the end of his voyagings was not more quietly accustomed to the shocks of novelty."
- Walter de la Mare On Brooke's return from Antwerp
"The handsomest young man in England"
- William Butler Yeats Description of Rupert Brooke
"...he was slain by bright Pheobus' shaft . . . it was a real climax of his pose . . . bright Pheobus smote him down. It is all in the saga. O God, O God; it is all too much of a piece: it is like madness."
- D.H. Lawrence On Rupert Brooke's death