- She loved the work, and only shunned the praise: Anna LŠtitia Barbauld [According To...]
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Anna LŠtitia Barbauld
According To...

"The more I see of Mrs Barbauld the more I admire her--that wonderful Propriety of Mind!--She has great acuteness, very great--yet how steadily she keeps it within the bounds of practical Reason. This I almost envy as well as admire--My own Subtleties too often lead me into strange (tho' God be praised) transient Out-of-the-way-nesses. Oft like a winged Spider, I am entangled in a new Spun web--but never fear for me, 'tis but the flutter of my wings--& off I am again!"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge In a letter written 1 March 1800 to Estlin
"If I do not cut her to the Heart, and openly & with my name, never believe me again"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge In a letter to Robert Southey written 25 January 1804 that he hears a (incorrect) rumour that an unfavourable review of Charles Lamb's John Woodvil was written by Barbauld
"I am not in the habit of grudging people their good things, but I wish I had written those lines."
- William Wordsworth On Barbauld's poem "Life"