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American Literature
(1600 -)

Colonial Literature (1600 - 1800)
The earliest New England verse was an utilitarian and matter-of-fact as any prose. Narratives of the voyages, annals of the colonies, descriptions of flora, fauna, and scenery were written in the main for readers in the mother country.

Literature of the Revolution (1765 - 1800)
An overview of literature during the American Revolution

A New Nation (1800 - 1840)
This period of enthusiastic nationalism and regionalism was influenced by English romanticism and by established literary traditions while striking a distinctively "American" note for the first time.

Period of Conflict (1840 - 1876)
This period of conflict includes issues of state's rights, slavery, and social reform - all of which affected the literature of the time.

Modern American Literature (1876 - 1945)
The end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th brought the short story and the realistic novel into focus.

Contemporary American Literature (1945 -)
Literature written after World War II.

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