- Secretary Root's Record:"Marked Severities" in Philippine Warfare
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Secretary Root's Record:"Marked Severities" in Philippine Warfare

An Analysis of the Law and Facts bearing on the Action and Utterances of President Roosevelt and Secretary Root

By Moorfield Storey and Julian Codman, legal counsel for the Philippine Investigating Committee

Boston: Geo. H. Ellis Co., 1902

Report of the Philippine Investigating Committee formed in April of 1902 to investigate and publicize U.S. military atrocities in the Philippines.

Secretary Root's Responsibility
One of Mr. Root's Statements Tested
Another of Mr. Root's Statements
The First Reports of Cruelty
How Charges Were Investigated
Charges Renewed and Made Definite
How Secretary Root Investigated the Charge of Killing Prisoners
The Evidence from Statistics as to Killing Wounded Men and Prisoners
A General's Attempt to Explain the Figures
An Explanation by Private Soldiers
The Official Attitude of the Army
The History of Samar
The Waller Court-Martial
The Smith Court-Martial
Mr. Root's Attitude on the Horrors of Samar
Root Answered by the Facts
The Attitude of Secretary Root as Shown by the Records
Mr. Root First Denies That Cruelty Has Been Practised
Mr. Root's Denials of Soldiers' Charges Tested
Mr. Root's Charges Against the Filipinos
Mr. Root's Statements as to the Humanity of Our Army Examined
The Weir Charges
Kennan's Investigation
Col. Gardener's Report
The Orders of Bell and Smith
Secretary Root Approved this Policy
The Policy Not Justified by General Order No. 100
Secretary Root Considers this Policy Humane
The Reconcentration Camps
Appendix A: General Bell's Orders
Appendix B: Extracts from letters of Henry Loomis Nelson to Boston Herald
Appendix C: Captain Ryan's Case

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