- Mark Twain, A Biography Vol I, Part 2: 1866 - 1875
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Mark Twain, A Biography Vol I, Part 2: 1866 - 1875
by Paine, Albert Bigelow

LIV. The Lecturer
LV. Highway Robbery
LVI. Back to the States
LVII. Old Friends and New Plans
LVIII. A New Book and a Lecture
LIX. The First Book
LX. The Innocents at Sea
LXI. The Innocents Abroad
LXII. The Return of the Pilgrims
LXIII. In Washington - A Publishing Proposition
LXIV. Olivia Langdon
LXV. A Contract With Elisha Bliss, Jr.
LXVI. Back to San Francisco
LXVII. A Visit to Elmira
LXVIII. The Rev. "Joe" Twichell
LXIX. A Lecture Tour
LXX. Innocents at Home - and "The Innocents Abroad"
LXXI. The Great Book of Travel
LXXII. The Purchase of a Paper
LXXIII. The First Meeting With Howells
LXXIV. The Wedding-Day
LXXV. As to Destiny
LXXVI. On the "Buffalo" Express
LXXVII. The "Galaxy"
LXXVIII. The Primrose Path
LXXIX. The Old Human Story
LXXX. Literary Projects
LXXXI. Some Further Literary Matters
LXXXII. The Writing of "Roughing It"
LXXXIII. Lecturing Days
LXXXIV. "Roughing It"
LXXXV. A Birth, a Death, and a Voyage
LXXXVI. England
LXXXVII. The Book That Was Never Written
LXXXVIII. "The Gilded Age"
LXXXIX. Planning a New Home
XC. A Long English Holiday
XCI. A London Lecture
XCII. Further London Lecture Triumphs
XCIII. The Real Colonel Sellers-Golden Days
XCIV. Beginning "Tom Sawyer"
XCV. An "Atlantic" Story and a Play
XCVI. The New Home
XCVII. The Walk to Boston
XCVIII. "Old Times on the Mississippi"
XCIX. A Typewriter, and a Joke on Aldrich
C. Raymond, Mental Telegraphy, Etc.
CI. Concluding "Tom Sawyer" - Mark Twain's "Editors"
CII. "Sketches New and Old"
CIII. "Atlantic" Days
CIV. Mark Twain and His Wife

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