- Mark Twain, A Biography Vol II, Part 1: 1875 - 1886
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Mark Twain, A Biography Vol II, Part 1: 1875 - 1886
by Paine, Albert Bigelow

CV. Mark Twain at Forty
CVI. His First Stage Appearance
CVII. Howells, Clemens, and "George"
CVIII. Summer Labors at Quarry Farm
CIX. The Public Appearance of "Tom Sawyer"
CX. Mark Twain and Bret Harte Write a Play
CXI. A Bermuda Holiday
CXII. A New Play and a New Tale
CXIII. Two Domestic Dramas
CXIV. The Whittier Birthday Speech
CXV. Hartford and Billiards
CXVI. Off for Germany
CXVII. Germany and German
CXVIII. Tramping with Twichell
CXIX. Italian Days
CXX. In Munich
CXXI. Paris, England, and Homeward Bound
CXXII. An Interlude
CXXIII. The Grant Speech of 1879
CXXIV. Another "Atlantic" Speech
CXXV. The Quieter Things of Home
CXXVI. "A Tramp Abroad"
CXXVII. Letters, Tales, and Plans
CXXVIII. Mark Twain's Absent-Mindedness
CXXIX. Further Affairs at the Farm
CXXX. Copyright and Other Fancies
CXXXI. Working for Garfield
CXXXII. A New Publisher
CXXXIII. The Three Fires - Some Benefactions
CXXXIV. Literary Projects and a Monument to Adam
CXXXV. A Trip With Sherman and an Interview With Grant
CXXXVI. "The Prince and the Pauper"
CXXXVII. Certain Attacks and Reprisals
CXXXVIII. Many Undertakings
CXXXIX. Financial and Literary
CXL. Down the River
CXLI. Literature and Philosophy
CXLII. "Life on the Mississippi"
CXLIII. A Guest of Royalty
CXLIV. A Summer Literary Interest
CXLV. Howells and Clemens Write a Play
CXLVI. Distinguished Visitors
CXLVII. The Fortune of a Play
CXLVIII. Cable and His Great Joke
CXLIX. Mark Twain in Business
CL. Farm Pictures
CLI. Mark Twain Mugwumps
CLII. Platforming with Cable
CLIII. Huck Finn Comes Into His Own
CLIV. The Memoirs of General Grant
CLV. Days With a Dying Hero
CLVI. The Close of a Great Career
CLVII. Minor Matters of a Great Year
CLVIII. Mark Twain at Fifty
CLIX. The Life of the Pope
CLX. A Great Publisher at Home
CLXI. History: Mainly by Susy

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