- Mark Twain, A Biography Vol III, Part 1: 1900 - 1907
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Mark Twain, A Biography Vol III, Part 1: 1900 - 1907
by Paine, Albert Bigelow

CCXII. The Return of the Conqueror
CCXIII. Mark Twain - General Spokesman
CCXIV. Mark Twain and the Missionaries
CCXV. Summer at "The Lair"
CCXVI. Riverdale - A Yale Degree
CCXVII. Mark Twain in Politics
CCXVIII. New Interests and Investments
CCXIX. Yachting and Theology
CCXX. Mark Twain and the Philippines
CCXXI. The Return of the Native
CCXXII. A Prophet Honored in His Country
CCXXIII. At York Harbor
CCXXIV. The Sixty-Seventh Birthday Dinner
CCXXV. Christian Science Controversies
CCXXVI. "Was it Heaven? Or Hell?"
CCXXVII. The Second Riverdale Winter
CCXXVIII. Proferred Honors
CCXXXIX. The Last Summer at Elmira
CCXXX. The Return to Florence
CCXXXI. The Close of a Beautiful Life
CCXXXII. The Sad Journey Home
CCXXXIII. Beginning Another Home
CCXXXIV. Life at 21 Fifth Avenue
CCXXXV. A Summer in New Hampshire
CCXXXVI. At Pier 70
CCXXXVII. Aftermath
CCXXXVIII. The Writer Meets Mark Twain
CCXXXIX. Working With Mark Twain
CCXL. The Definition of a Gentleman
CCXLI. Gorky, Howells, and Mark Twain
CCXLII. Mark Twain's Good-By to the Platform
CCXLIII. An Investment in Redding
CCXLIV. Traits and Philosophies
CCXLV. In the Day's Round
CCXLVI. The Second Summer at Dublin
CCXLVI. Dublin, Continued
CCXLVIII. "What is Man?" and the Autobiography
CCXLIX. Billiards
CCL. Philosophy and Pessimism
CCLI. A Lobbying Expedition
CCLII. Theology and Evolution
CCLIII. An Evening With Helen Keller
CCLIV. Billiard-Room Notes
CCLV. Further Personalities

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