- The Interdependence of Literature
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The Interdependence of Literature
by Curtis, Georgina Pell

"There is first, the literature of knowledge, and secondly the literature of power. The function of the first is to teach, the function or the second is to move; the first is a rudder, the second an oar or a sail. The first speaks to the mere discursive understanding, the second speaks ultimately, it may happen, to the higher understanding or reason, but always through affections of pleasure and sympathy."

Thomas De Quincey "Essays on the Poets." (Alexander Pope.)

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Ancient Babylonian and Early Hebrew Literature
Sanskrit Literature
Persian Literature
Egyptian Literature
Greek Literature
The New Testament and the Greek Fathers
Roman Literature
Heroic Poetry
Scandinavian Literature
Slavonic Literature
Gothic Literature
Chivalrous and Romantic Literature
Drama in England
Drama in Germany
Drama in Spain
Drama in France
Drama in Italy
Early Drama
Arabian Literature
Spanish Literature
Portuguese Literature
French Literature
Italian Literature
Dutch Literature
German Literature
Latin Literature and the Reformation
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Philosophy
English Literature

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