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Letters To Dead Authors
by Lang, Andrew

LETTER--To W. M. Thackeray
LETTER--To Charles Dickens
LETTER--To Pierre de Ronsard (Prince of Poets)
LETTER--To Herodotus
LETTER--Epistle to Mr. Alexander Pope
LETTER--To Lucian of Samosata
LETTER--To Maitre Francoys Rabelais.
LETTER--To Jane Austen
LETTER--To Master Isaak Walton
LETTER--To M. Chapelain
LETTER--To Sir John Maundeville, Kt. (OF THE WAYS INTO YNDE.)
LETTER--To Alexandre Dumas
LETTER--To Theocritus
LETTER--To Edgar Allan Poe
LETTER--To Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
LETTER--To Eusebius of Caesarea (Concerning the gods of the heathen)
LETTER--To Percy Bysshe Shelley
LETTER--To Monsieur de Moliere, Valet de Chambre du Roi
LETTER--To Robert Burns
LETTER--To Lord Byron
LETTER--To Omar Khayyam
LETTER--To Q. Horatius Flaccus

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