- The Great Republic by the Master Historians
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The Great Republic by the Master Historians
by Bancroft, Hubert H.

Vols 1-4

Phoenecia and the New World
Volume I
The Period Before Columbus
On the Origin of the Americans
Discovery of America by the Northmen
The Aborigines of America
The Era of Discovery
Columbus in Europe
The Discovery of America by Columbus
Spanish Exploration after Columbus
Retreat of Cortes from the City of Mexico
Hernando de Soto
The Discovery of the St. Lawrence
The Massacre of the French Protestants
The Colonies of Sir Walter Raleigh
The Era of Settlement
Introductory Remarks
John Smith and the Jamestown Colony
The Indian Massacre in Virginia
The Settlement of Maryland
The Landing of the Pilgrims
Religious Dissensions in New England
The Pequot War
Champlain and the Iroquois
The Settlement of New York
The Quaker Colony
The "Grand Model" Government
Louisiana and the Natchez
Progress of the Colonies
The Persecution of the Quakers
The Death of King Philip
The Salem Witchcraft
The Tyrant of New England
The Leisler Revolt in New York
The Bacon Rebellion
Colonial Hostilities
The Spanish Invasion of Georgia
The Negro Plot in New York
The French and Indian War
Introductory Remarks
The Opening of the War
Braddock's Defeat
The Battle at Lake George
The Expulsion of the Acadians
Three Years of Warfare
Wolfe and Montcalm at Quebec
Vol. II
War With the Cherokees
The Threshold of the Revolution
Political Development in America
England and Her Colonies
How the Stamp Act was Received in America
A Parliamentary Examination
The Growth of Discontent
The Tea Tax and the Boston Port Bill
The First Shots of the Revolution
The Battle of Bunker Hill
Arnold on Lake Champlain
The Siege of Boston
The Continental Congress and its Doings
America in 1776
The Declaration of Independence
The American Revolution
Preliminary Remarks
The Capture of Long Island and New York
The Victory at Trenton
The Capture of Philadelphia
The Capture of Philadelphia
The Expedition Against Fort Schuyler
The Surrender of Burgoyne
Washington at Valley Forge
Franklin in France
The Bon Homme Richard and the Serapis
The Treason of Arnold
The Cowpens and Guilford Court-House
The Surrender of Cornwallis
The Army and Country After the War
The Making of the Constitution
The Whiskey Insurrection in Pennsylvania
The Pioneer of Kentucky
War with the Western Indians
The Purchase of Louisiana
Stephen Decatur and the Frigate Philadelphia
The Chesapeake Affair and the Embargo
Two Years of War
The Constitution and the Guerriere
Perry's Victory on Lake Erie
The Battle of the Thames
The Charge at Lundy's Lane
The Capture and Burning of Washington
The Defence of New Orleans
The Progress of National Development
The First Quarter of the Century
The Missouri Compromise
The Ordinance of Nullification
The Seminole War
The Battle of Buena Vista
Events Preceding the Civil War
The Era of Civil War
John Brown and the Raid Upon Harper's Ferry
Fort Sumter Bombarded
The Monitor and the Merrimack
The Conflict at Antietam
The Battle of Shiloh
Farragut on the Mississippi
The Siege of Vicksburg
Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge
Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg
Sherman's March to the Sea
The Last March of Lee's Army
The Era of Civil War
Last Echoes of the Conflict
Great Captains of the War
Reconstruction and Progress
Currency, Labor and Politics
Public Events and Presidential Elections
The War with Spain
The Conditions Leading up to the Crisis
Our Action on the Maine Disaster
The First Stroke of the War in Manila Bay
The Filipinos
Dewey Sails to Manila
Sinking the Spanish Fleet
Effect of the Victory
Destruction of Admiral Cervera's Fleet
The Land Fight at Santiago
Significance of the Fall of Santiago
Porto Rico: Its Capture and its Problems
Text of the Treaty of Peace
The Constitutional Status of Cuba
The Annexation of Hawaii
The United States and the Philippine Islands
Influence of the Spanish-American War on Our Foreign Trade
The Commanding Position of the United States as the New Century Opens
Our Achievements and Prospects
Triumphs of the Republic in Practical Science
The Literary Retrospect
Social Progress and Problems
Our Foreign Relations
National Defence
Movements of the Older Nations
Anarchy's Exalted Victim
Martinique and St. Vincent

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