- A Brief History of the Pequot War
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A Brief History of the Pequot War
by Mason, Captain John

Especially of the memorable Taking of their Fort at Mistick in Connecticut in 1637.

Written by Major John Mason, a principal Actor therein, as then chief Captain and Commander of Connecticut Forces.

With an Introduction and some Explanatory Notes by the Reverend Mr. Thomas Prince

PSAL. XLIV. 1-3. We have heard with our Ears, O God, our Fathers have told us, what Work Thou didst in their Days, in the times of old; How Thou didst drive out the Heathen with thy Hand, and plantedst Them: how Thou did afflict the People and cast them out. For they got not the Land in Possession by their own Sword, neither did their own Arm save them: but thy right Hand, and thine Arm, and the Light of thy Countenance, because Thou hadst a Favour unto them.

PSAL. CII. 18. This shall be written for the Generation to come: and the People which shall be Created, shall praise the Lord.

Printed and Sold by S. Kneeland and T. Green in Queen Street, 1736.

To The Honourable The General Court of Connecticut.
To The American Reader
To The Judicious Reader.
Some Grounds of the War Against the Pequots.
An Epitome or brief History of the Pequot War.

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