- The Creek War of 1813 and 1814
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The Creek War of 1813 and 1814
by Halbert, H. S. and Ball, T. H.

By H. S. Halbert and T. H. Ball

Chicago, Illinois:
Donohue & Henneberry

Montgomery, Alabama
White, Woodruff & Fowler

Chapter I : The Choctaw - Muscogee Tribes
Chapter 2: Causes of the Creek War
Chapter 3: Tecumseh Among the Chickasaws and Choctaws
Chapter 4: Tecumseh Among the Creeks
Chapter 5: The War Cloud Gathering
Chapter 6: The Stockade
Chapter 7: Inter-Tribal Councils of the Creeks and the Choctaws
Chapter 8: The Battle of Burnt Corn
Chapter 9: Fort Mims
Chapter 10: The Kimbell - James Massacre
Chapter 11: Attack on Fort Sinquefield
Chapter 12: The Night Courier
Chapter 13: Incidents of the War in the Fork
Chapter 14: Choctaws and Chickasaws Join the American Army
Chapter 15: The Banshi Skirmish
Chapter 16: Beard and Tandy Walker
Chapter 17: The Canoe Fight
Chapter 18: Battle of the Holy Ground
Chapter 19: The War in the Indian Country
Chapter 20: Closing Events. 1814

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