- A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times
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A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times
by Guizot, M.

Translated by
Translator of "Leopold I., King of the Belgians," etc., etc.

Dana Estes and Charles E. Lauriat,
143 Washington Street.

Extract From Letter To The Publishers.
The Gauls Out Of Gaul.
The Romans In Gaul.
Gaul Conquered By Julius Caesar.
Gaul Under Roman Dominion.
Establishment Of Christianity In Gaul.
The Germans In Gaul. The Franks And Clovis.
The Merovingians.
The Mayors Of The Palace. The Pepins And The Change Of Dynasty.
Charlemagne And His Wars.
Charlemagne And His Government.
Decay And Fall Of The Carlovingians.
Feudal France And Hugh Capet.
The Capetians To The Time Of The Crusades.
Conquest Of England By The Normans.
The Crusades, Their Origin And Their Success.
The Crusades, Their Decline And End.
The Kingship In France.
The Communes And The Third Estate.
The Hundred Years' War. - Philip VI. And John II.
The States General Of The Fourteenth Century.
The Hundred Years' War. - Charles V.
The Hundred Years' War - Charles VI. And The Dukes Of Burgundy.
The Hundred Years' War. - Charles VII. And Joan Of Arc. 1422-1461.
Louis XI. (1461-1483.)
The Wars Of Italy. - Charles VIII. 1483-1498.
The Wars In Italy. - Louis XII. 1498-1515.
Francis I. And Charles V.
Francis I. And The Renaissance.
Francis I. And The Reformation.
Henry II. (1547-1559.)
Francis II., July 10, 1559 - December 5, 1560.
Charles IX. And The Religious Wars. (1560-1574.)
Henry III. And The Religious Wars. (1574-1589.)
Henry IV., Protestant King. (1589-1593.)
Henry IV., Catholic King. (1593-1610.)
Regency Of Mary de' Medici. (1610-1617.)
Louis XIII., Cardinal Richelieu, And The Court. (1622-1642.)
Louis XIII., Cardinal Richelieu, And The Provinces.
Louis XIII., Cardinal Richelieu, - The Catholics And The Protestants.
Louis XIII., Cardinal Richelieu, And Foreign Affairs.
Louis XIII., Richelieu, And Literature.
Louis XIV., The Fronde, And The Government Of Cardinal Mazarin. (1643-1661.)
Louis XIV., His Wars And His Conquests. 1661-1697.
Louis XIV., His Wars And His Reverses. (1697-1713.)
Louis XIV. And Home Administration.
Louis XIV. And Religion.
Louis Xiv., Literature And Art.
Louis XIV. And His Court.
Louis XIV. And Death. 1711-1715.
Louis XV., The Regency, And Cardinal Dubois. 1715-1723.
Louis XV., The Ministry Of Cardinal Fleury., 1723-1748.
Louis XV., France In The Colonies. 1745-1763.
Louis XV. - The Seven Years' War. Ministry Of The Duke Of Choiseul. 1748-1774.
Louis XV., The Philosophers.
Louis XVI. - Ministry Of M. Turgot. 1774-1776.
Louis XVI.- France Abroad.United States' War Of Independence. 1775-1783.
Louis XVI.- France At Home. Ministry Of M. Necker.1776-1781.
Louis XVI. M. De Calonne And The Assembly Of Notables. 1781-1787.
Louis XVI. - Convocation Of The States-General. 1787-1789.

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