- Mark Twain, A Biography Vol II, Part 2: 1886 - 1900
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Mark Twain, A Biography Vol II, Part 2: 1886 - 1900
by Paine, Albert Bigelow

CLXII. Browning, Meredith, and Meisterschaft
CLXIII. Letter to the Queen of England
CLXIV. Some Further Account of Charles L. Webster & Co.
CLXV. Letters, Visits, and Visitors
CLVXI. A "Player" and a Master of Arts
CLXVII. Notes and Literary Matters
CLXVIII. Introducing Nye and Riley and Others
CLXIX. The Coming of Kipling
CLXX. "The Prince and the Pauper" On the Stage
CLXXI. "A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"
CLXXII. The "Yankee" in England
CLXXIII. A Summer at Onteora
CLXXIV. The Machine
CLXXV. "The Claimant" - Leaving Hartford
CLXXVI. A European Summer
CLXXVII. Kornerstrasse, 7
CLXXVIII. A Winter in Berlin
CLXXIX. A Dinner with William II
CLXXX. Many Wanderings
CLXXXI. Nauheim and the Prince of Wales
CLXXXII. The Villa Viviani
CLXXXIII. The Sieur de Conte and Joan
CLXXXIV. New Hope in the Machine
CLXXXV. An Introduction to H. H. Rogers
CLXXXVI. "The Bell of New York"
CLXXXVII. Some Literary Matters
CLXXXIX. An Eventful Year Ends
CXC. Starting on the Long Trail
CXCI. Journey
CXCVI. Mr. Rogers and Helen Keller
CXCII. "Following the Equater"
CXCIII. The Passing of Susy
CXCIV. Winter in Tedworth Square
CXCV. "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc"
CXCVII. Finishing the Book of Travel
CXCVIII. A Summer in Switzerland
CXCIX. Winter in Vienna
CC. Mark Twain Pays His Debts
CCI. Social Life in Vienna
CCII. Literary Work in Vienna
CCIII. An Imperial Tragedy
CCIV. The Second Winter in Vienna
CCV. Speeches That Were Not Made
CCVI. A Summer in Sweden
CCVII. 30, Wellington Court
CCVIII. Mark Twain and the Wars
CCIX. Plasmon, and a New Magazine
CCX. London Social Affairs
CCXI. Dollis Hill and Home

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