- Mark Twain, A Biography Vol III, Part 2: 1907 - 1910
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Mark Twain, A Biography Vol III, Part 2: 1907 - 1910
by Paine, Albert Bigelow

Honors from Oxford
A True English Welcome
Doctor of Literature, Oxford
London Social Honors
Matters Psychic and Otherwise
Minor Events and Diversions
From Mark Twain's Mail
Some Literary Luncheons
"Captain Stormfield" in Print
Lotos Club Honors
A Winter in Bermuda
Views and Addresses
First Days of Stormfield
The Aldrich Memorial
Death of "Sam" Moffett
Stormfield Adventures
Stormfield Philosophies
Citizen and Farmer
A Mantel and a Baby Elephant
Shakespeare-Bacon Talk
"Is Shakespeare Dead?"
The Death of Henry Rogers
An Extension of Copyright
A Warning
The Last Summer at Stormfield
Personal Memoranda
Astronomy and Dreams
A Library Concert
A Wedding at Stormfield
Autumn Days
Mark Twain's Reading
A Bermuda Birthday
The Death of Jean
The Return to Bermuda
Letters from Bermuda
The Voyage Home
The Return to the Invisible
The Last Rites
Mark Twain's Religion
Appendix A: Letter from Orion Clemens to Miss Wood Concerning Henry Clemens
Appendix B: Mark Twain's Burlesque of Captain Isaiah Sellers
Appendix C: Mark Twain's Empire City Hoax
Appendix D: From Mark Twain's First Lecture, Delivered October 2, 1866
Appendix E: From the "Jumping Frog" Book (Mark Twain's First Published Volume)
Appendix F: The Innocents Abroad
Appendix G: Mark Twain at the Correspondents Club, Washington
Appendix H: Announcement for Lecture of July 2, 1868
Appendix I: Mark Twain's Championship of Thomas K. Beecher
Appendix J: The Indignity Put Upon the Remains of George Holland by the Rev. Mr. Sabine
Appendix K: A Substitute for Ruloff Have We a Sidney Among Us?
Appendix L: About London
Appendix M: Letter Written to Mrs. Clemens from Boston, November, 1874, Prophesying a Monarchy in Sixty-One Years
Appendix N: Mark Twain and Copyright
Appendix O: Address
Appendix P: The Adam Monument Petition
Appendix Q: General Grant's Grammar
Appendix R: Party Allegiance
Appendix S: Original Preface for "A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"
Appendix T: A Tribute to Henry H. Rogers
Appendix U: From Mark Twain's Last Poem
Appendix V: Selections from an Unfinished Book, "3,000 Years Among the Microbes"
Appendix W: Little Bessie Would Assist Providence
Appendix X: A Chronological List of Mark Twain's Work

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