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pixel - Blake's Obscurities

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Blake's Obscurities
Few people of his own day understood or appreciated Blake's writings or his drawings. In a letter to Dr. Trusler whose writings he was asked to illustrate and who objected to the obscurity of his designs, he wrote: "You say that I want somebody to Elucidate my Ideas. What is Grand is necessarily obscure to Weak men. That which can be made Explicit to the Idiot is not worthy of my care. The wisest of the Ancients considered what is not too Explicit as the fittest for Instruction, because it rouzes the faculties to act. I name Moses, Solomon, Esop, Homer, Plato".

But in the same letter he also says: "But I am happy to find a Great Majority of Fellow Mortals who can Elucidate My Visions, & Particularly they have been elucidated by Children, who have taken a greater delight in contemplating my Pictures than I even hoped. Neither Youth nor Childhood is Folly or Incapacity".

Contributed by Gifford, Katya
2 April 2002


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