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pixel - Colonial and Naval Operations in World War I

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Colonial and Naval Operations in World War I
The Japanese captured Kiaochow in China in 1914. In the same year, British, Japanese, Australian, and New Zealand ships captured all the German islands in the Pacific. Togoland in Africa was captured by the British and French in 1914 and the Cameroons in 1916. German Southwest Africa was attacked by troops from South Africa, Belgian Congo, British East Africa, Rhodesia, India, and Portuguese East Africa. But it held out until 14 November, 1918

Naval operations consisted mainly of blockading action by the British and attempts of the Germans to break the blockade by use of the submarine. There was only one large surface engagement - the Battle of Jutland (31 May - 1 June, 1916). In it the British suffered heavier losses, but compelled the Germans to retire to their homeports for the duration of the war.

Contributed by Gifford, Katya
26 June 2002


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