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Gothic Architecture
A type of architecture which truly reflects the religious aspirations of the Middle Ages. The best structures of this style are lofty and airy. Every line seems to lead upward. No effect of massiveness contradicts the vertical movement. The common features of this style are the flying buttress and the pointed arch. Other characteristics are rows of tall windows, elaborate doorways, ribbed vaults, and graceful ornamentation.

The term "Gothic" (synonymous with "barbarian”) was coined during the Renaissance period, when men found disgusting everything that had been done during the Middle Ages. Actually, Gothic is a French style, which originated in the heart of France, and spread all over the country and to neighbouring lands. Between 1125 and 1500 it was the prevailing style of architecture for churches and many public buildings.

Contributed by Gifford, Katya
16 January 2002


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