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Biography - Francis Bacon
He sought to win the favour Queen Elizabeth by attaching himself to her various favourites. But his efforts met with only moderate success. Upon the accession of James I, Bacon's rise was rapid. He became attorney-general in 1613, privy councillor in 1616, lord keeper in 1617, and lord chancellor in 1618. His fall from favour in 1621 was equally rapid, when it was proven that he had accepted bribes from suitors in his court. He was fined heavily, imprisoned, and banished from parliament and the court. He was soon released from prison and was pardoned. He never returned to parliament and the court. He wrote his famous scientific treatise, Novum Organum in 1620. Other notable writings are Essays, New Atlantis, and History of Henry VII. Bacon's contribution to philosophy and science was his formulation and introduction of the inductive method.

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15 January 2003


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