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Lane, Jim

Meet Jim Lane

I'm fifty-ish, balding, bearded, bespectacled, professorial, outgoing, knowledgable about a lot of things, expert on a very few. I grew up in the small town of Stockport, situated on the Muskingum River in Southeastern Ohio. I graduated from a un-noteworthy business college in Cincinnati, from the U.S. Air Force, and from Ohio University where I also obtained a masters degree and wracked up several hours of post-graduate work as well.

Happily married for well over a quarter-century, I've (more or less) successfully taught elementary and high school art for a similiar length of time. I've also spent many enjoyable hours in the front of a local community college classroom. Recently I have retired from teaching in favor of writing web pages, traveling, and doing things I've never done before.

The articles you've read at HumanitiesWeb are from a ArtyFacts, a quality newsletter that has been the work of more than five years. You can purchase the entire collection on a fully searchable CD.

For most of my professional life I've run a portrait business out of my home, specializing in sports portraits done in pencil and colored pencil. Aside from a few painted portraits, painting has always been more of a hobby than a source of income which makes me an amateur in every sense except my educational background in the area. You will find examples of my work at I welcome your constructive comments regarding this limited peek at my work. Needless to say, I would also welcome any interest in purchasing any of the works seen here or in my doing custom work of any portrait subject in any medium seen here.

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