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Corpus Juris Civilis
Texts Used in This Translation

  • Leges XII Tabvlorvm, Svis Qvotqvot Reperiri Potvervnt Fragmentis Restitvtæ, A Ioh, Nicolao Fvnccio, 4to. Rintelii, MDCCXLIV.
  • Gaii, Institutionum Ivris Civilis, Commentarii Quattvor, 12mo. Lipsiæ, MDCCCLXXXVI.
  • Ivlii Pavlii, Sententiarum ad Filium, Libri Quinque, 12mo. Lipsiæ, MDCCCLXXXVI.
  • Domitii Vlpiani, Fragmenta, 12mo. Lipsiæ, MDCCCLXXXVI.
  • Fontes Iuris Romani Antejustiniani, 12mo. Florentiæ, MCMVIII.
  • Corpus Juris Civilis Pandectis ad Florentinum archetypum expressis, Institutionum, Codice et Novellis, cum notis integris repetitæ quintum prælectionis. Dionysii Gothofredi JC. 2 vols. Fo. Amstelodami, MDCLXIII.
  • Corpus Juris Civilis, Recognoverunt Adnotationibusque Criticis Instructum, Ediderunt D. Albertus et D. Mauritius, Fratres Kriegelii. D. Aemilius Hermann. D. Eduardus Osenbruggen, 3 vols. 8vo. Lipsiæ, 1872.
  • Pandectæ Justinianeæ in Novum Ordinem Digestæ (Pothier), 20 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1823.
  • Corpus Ivris Canonici, Notis Illvstratvm Gregorii XIII Ivssy Editvm, 2 vols. 4to. Lygdvni, MDCLXI.
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