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The Great Republic by the Master Historians
The First Stroke of the War in Manila Bay
by Bancroft, Hubert H.

[The first act in the opening of hostilities was the withdrawal of our Minister to the court of Spain, General Woodford, which took place on April 21. He was given his passports before he could present the ultimatum with which he was entrusted by the President. The United States Government announced its intention to blockade Cuban ports, and Admiral Sampson sailed with his fleet on the 22d. The blockade was maintained for a long time without any gratifying results. Meanwhile the Asiatic squadron under Commodore Dewey, then lying in the harbor of Hong-Kong, was ordered to leave that port, to avoid a breach of the neutrality laws. How and where he moved his little fleet, and what it accomplished, are told in our selection from Henry Watterson's "History of the Spanish-American War."]


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