- Jean-Baptiste Lully - Royal Favourite [Chronology]
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Jean-Baptiste Lully
(1632 - 1687)

1632 Born in Florence, on 28 November
1646 Taken from Florence to Paris by Roger de Lorraine, Chevalier de Guise, who placed him in the service of his niece, Mlle de Montpensier
1653 Appointed Louis XIV's compositeur de la musique instrumentale (responsible for all instrumental ensembles)
1661 Appointed Surintendent de la musique et compositeur de la musique de la chambre (responsible for all court chamber ensembles and personally entertaining Louis)
1662 Appointed Master of Music to the Royal Family
1662 Marries Madeleine, daughter of the composer Michel Lambert, 24 July.
1670 Collaborates with Molière on a series of comédies-ballets which culminated in Le bourgeois gentilhomme
1672 Official royal patent gives Lully sole right to establish the Académie Royale de Musique
1673 Gains rights to the theatre in the Palais Royale
1681 Received as secrétaire du Roi.
1687 8 January injures foot with his conducting staff; 22 March dies of complications of gangrene from infected foot, leaving his tragédie lyrique, Achille et Polyxène, unfinished

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