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Pablo Ruiz y Picasso
(1881 - 1973)

1881 Born 25 October in Málaga, in Andalusia, on the southern coast of Spain
1892 Begins formal art studies at the art school in La Coruña, Spain
1895 Passes entrance exam to La Lonja - art school in Barcelona
1897 Contracts scarlet fever and is forced to abandon studies to recuperate in the countryside
1900 Exhibition of drawings at Els Quatre Gats
1901 Beginnning of Blue Period
1901 Show opens at the Galerie Vollard
1903 Returns to Barcelona; shares studio with A.F. de Sato
1905 Meets Guillaume Apolliniare, Leo and Gertrude Stein. Beginning of Rose Period
1906 Meets Matisse
1907 Meets Braque and Derain. Beginning of Cubism with Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
1911 First exhibition in the U.S.
1912 First exhibition in England
1913 Beginning of Synthetic Cubism
1918 Marries Olga Koklova
1925 Takes part in first Surrealist exhibition
1932 Marie-Therese Walter first seen in his work
1935 Separation from Olga, Marie-Therese Walter gives birth to daughter Maia
1944 Joins Communist Party
1961 Marries Roque
1973 Dies in 8 April Mougins, France

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