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Wassily Kandinsky
(1866 - 1944)

1866 Born 4 December in Moscow
1886 Enrols at the University of Moscow, studies law and economics
1895 Exhibition of French impressionist paintings in Moscow, Kandinsky decides to study art
1896 Goes to Munich; studies under Anton Azbé
1900 Studies under Franz von Stuck
1901 Teaches at the art school of the Phalanx
1902 Exhibits with the Berlin Secession
1903 Travels in Italy, the Netherlands, and North Africa
1904 Exhibits at the Salon d’Automne in Paris
1909 Helps found the Neue Künstlervereinigung München (New Artists' Association in Munich)
1911 Blaue Reiter group’s first exhibition
1912 Concerning the Spiritual in Art published
1913 One of Kandinsky's works is included in the Armory Show in New York
1914 Returns to Russia, holds a position at the People’s Commissariat of Education
1921 Settles again in Germany
1922 Begins teaching at the Bauhaus school
1923 First solo show in New York by the Société Anonyme
1928 Becomes a German citizen
1933 Bauhaus school closed by the Nazi regime, Kandinsky moves to a Parisian suburb
1933 Settles near Paris, in Neuilly
1937 Fifty-seven of his works are confiscated by the Nazis in the purge of "degenerate art"
1939 Acquires French citizenship
1944 Dies 13 December in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

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