- The Secret Life of Salvador Dali [Chronology]
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Salvador Dali
(1904 - 1989)

1904 Born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí 11 May, in Catalonia
1914 Attends school run by the Brothers of the Marist Order in Figueres
1917 Studies drawing at the Municipal School of Drawing in Figueres
1919 Quand les Bruits s’endorment published, also contributes articles and illustrations to the local review Studium
1921 Mother dies
1922 Attends the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid
1923 Suspended from the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts for criticising the lectures
1924 Imprisoned for 35 days in Girona for alleged subversion
1925 Returns to the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, one-man show at the Dalmau Gallery in Barcelona
1926 Travels to Brussels and Paris, expelled from the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts for refusal to take his final examination (on grounds that he knows more than the professor that will quiz him)
1927 Called for nine months of military service
1928 Visits Paris again, meets the Dadaists and Surrealists, Manifest Groc published
1929 First meets Gala Éluard, she is married but becomes his lover and they eventually marry
1930 Buys a fisherman’s cottage at Port Lligat, and later spends a large portion of each year there with Gala
1934 Marries Gala 30 January, first trip to New York, expelled from the Surrealist movement
1936 Flees Spain during Spanish Civil War
1939 Returns to France
1940 Flee France during Nazi invasion, remain in exile in the United States until 1948
1942 The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí published
1948 Fifty Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship published, returns to Spain
1964 Awarded the Grand Cross of Isabella the Catholic, The Diary of a Genius published
1979 Inducted into France’s prestigious Académie Française des Beaux-Arts
1982 Gala dies, title of Marquès de Dalí de Púbol conferred by Spain’s King Juan Carlos
1984 Dali suffers severe burns in a fire in the bedroom of his castle, he goes into seclusion
1986 Receives a pacemaker after suffering heart failure
1989 Dies of heart failure 23 January in Figueres

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