- Peter Paul Rubens - Raising the Ordinary to the Extraordinary [Chronology]
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Peter Paul Rubens
(1577 - 1640)

1577 Born 28 June during the family's exile (they were converted Protestants) at Siegen , Westphalia
1587 Father Jan dies and the family converts back to Catholicism and moves to Antwerp
1587 Peter Paul attends a Latin school in Antwerp
1598 Accorded the rank of master painter of the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke
1600 Travels to Venice
1601 Arrives in Rome
1601 Employed by the Duke of Mantua
1603 Entrusted with his first diplomatic mission, taking gifts from Mantua to Philip III and the Spanish court
1605 Obtains leave from the Duke of Mantua to continue his studies in Rome
1608 Is summoned to his mother's deathbed in Antwerp, but she dies before he reaches home
1609 Engaged as court painter to the Austrian archduke Albert and his wife, the Spanish infanta Isabella
1609 Marries Isabella, daughter of Jan Brant
1622 Visits Paris and is commissioned to paint the life of French queen Marie de Médicis
1626 Wife dies
1628 Sent to Spain by the Flemish viceroys
1629 King Philip IV of Spain appoints him secretary of his Privy Council
1629 Works to conclude a peace treaty between England and Spain
1630 Knighted by King Charles I of England and awarded an honorary degree from Cambridge University
1630 Returns to Flanders and marries Hélène Fourment
1640 Dies 30 May in Antwerp

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