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Leonardo da Vinci
(1452 - 1519)

1452 Born 15 April at Anchian near Vinci, Tuscany
1469 Begins apprenticeship at the workshop of Verrocchio in Florence
1472 Admitted to the Company of Painters
1478 Becomes an independent master
1482 Moves to Milan to enter the service of Ludovico 'the Moor' Sforza
1492 Visits Rome
1496 Meets mathematician Luca Pacioli, with whom he studies Euclid
1499 Flees from Milan when the French invade Italy
1500 Travels in Venice and Florence
1502 Employed as military engineer to Cesare Borgia
1506 Invited to Milan by French King Louis XII
1507 In Florence again
1507 Named court painter to King Louis XII of France
1508 Returns to Milan
1513 Works for Giuliano de' Medici in Rome
1514 In Rome under the patronage of the new pope, Leo X - living in the Palazzo Belvedere
1516 Moves to France, to work for Francois I
1519 Dies 2 May at the Castle of Cloux near Amboise, France

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